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Dear current student, below are some of the frequently asked questions:

What is the procedure if I want withdraw from studies?
Answer: apply to the registrar in writing for permission to do so. If you are not able to do so personally, a guardian, colleague, spouse or parent may apply on your behalf.

What should I do when I want to return after withdrawal?
Answer: submit a written application to the registrar before the beginning of the academic year in which you want to register. Re-admission will be automatic if you re-apply within two years since official withdrawal.

What is the procedure if I want to change my names?
Answer: furnish the office of the registrar with relevant legal documents such as marriage certificate or affid avit.

At what stage during the course of my studies can I change programme/specialization?
Answer: within three weeks of academic registration at the beginning of the academic year

If I am a self-sponsored student, is there a possibility of being considered for financial support for NMDS?
Answer: yes, provided you have indicated that you need such sponsorship and that the quotas for sponsorship allow this to happen

If I have missed to write supplementary/special examinations, can I be given a second chance?
Answer: It depends on the reason you have missed the examination. If you miss it because of ignorance of the time-table, misreading it or failing to report clashes before the examinations are written, you will be deemed to have failed the examination and will be assessed on course work only. If you were ill or there was some serious reason why you missed the examination, and you reported and provided evidence, you may be allowed to write a special examination.

If I have a query pertaining to my results, which office should I contact?
Answer: The office of the Assistant Registrar Academic, found in the administration building, office number 28 ground floor.

When are the results going to be published?    
Answer: First and second year pre-service: before College closes for Christmas;
Third year pre-service and ADSE: once approved by NUL Senate, around February/March.
DTEP I, II, III: No information at the moment
DTEP IV: Once approved by NUL Senate  
CECE: No information at the moment    

Which office should I contact if I want my examination script to be remarked?
Answer: Apply to the Registrar and pay re-marking fee not later than two weeks after the publication of results, after which the application will not be accepted.

When is the graduation day, and what is the deadline for the payment of the graduation fee?
Answer: Information not available now

What procedure should I follow if I wish to apply for a duplicate certificate?    
Answer: Apply to the Registrar and give reasons and supporting documents and/or evidence and pay a fee of M210.00.

Is there a charge for not being able to attend graduation ceremony?
Answer: Not at the moment.

What is the procedure if I want to report my absence from the College?
Answer: if you are pre-service student and you are absent for more than three executive weeks, you will be required to withdraw officially from the College and join in the next academic year.
If you are a DTEP student and you are not able to attend workshops and submit assignments in any semester, you will withdraw officially and re-join the prgramme in the next academic year.
If you will be absent for a few days, report to the class representative who will in turn report to the concerned lecturers.

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