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Students on Teaching Practice


Academic and professional growth

  • Ensure that the maximum teaching period is observed.
  • Allow yourself to grow academically by being consultative.
  • Diploma in Education Secondary should be given a chance to practice their specialisation/s.
  • Diploma in Education Primary students are expected to teach every subject.
  • Every student teacher should be involved in at least one extra-curricular activity of the school.
  • Avoid inhumane practices; e.g. corporal punishment and abusive language.


  • Maintain good interpersonal relationships with people.
  • Avoid indulging in fights, theft, drunkenness and illegal use of drugs, use of weapons etc.
  • Do not engage in any activity that will tarnish your name, and put the college in disrepute. Remember you are governed by the:

i.    Rules and regulations of the college.
ii.     Rules and regulations of the Teaching Practice schools.
iii.     Rules and regulations of the Teaching Service.
iv.     Rules and laws of the country.

  • Do not rush to report to the college when you encounter problems, follow the following channels respectively:

i.    Report to the cooperating teacher
ii.    Head of the department
iii.    Principal and lastly
iv.    TP Coordinator (if the matter is not resolved at school level).

  • Establish your own support group within the TP sites.


All students are expected to be well groomed, i.e. tidy, clean, orderly and elegantly simple. They should be dressed in accordingly-suitable clothes for the job to be done e.g. gardening attire, physical education attire, etc.


  • Ensure that the community leaders are aware of your presence in the community for security purposes.
  • Respect Religious inclinations of the pupils, regular teachers, and senior staff members including the school itself.
  • Engage in community activities that you afford to participate in.
  • Do not be engaged in collecting and keeping any monies for school and its activities, e.g. projects, school trip, money for charity etc.
  • Under no circumstances are you allowed to change your placement. Exceptional cases shall be dealt with on merit by the TP office.
  • Advice your parents or guardians on the following procedural issues:

Death in the family;

-    A letter bearing an authentic stamp of the chief should be send to the hosting school as well as the college.

Both letters should have the following details:

-    Date when the deceased passed away
-    A brief account of the course of death (without disclosing details)
-    Date of burial
-    Place of burial.


Supervision, support and assessment of the student teachers is done by experienced staff members in the hosting schools and college lecturers. Teaching practice results are constituted by scores from lesson observation by college lecturers, cooperating teachers and the principals. The final result is represented as pass/fail.

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