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Academic Planning, Research and Consultancy Office


The office of the academic planning, research and consultancy is headed my Mr. R. Mohale.

The Lesotho College of Education subscribes to the World Congress of Education declaration that:

1. It is of crucial importance that teachers receive the highest quality professional education that builds on a full secondary school qualification. Professional teacher training at the university level is a pre-requisite for both quality education and social progress.
2. To teach is a life-long process of learning. This means, among other things, that the recruitment of secondary school graduates, or those with equivalent qualifications, into teacher education, quality pre-service training at the university level, the induction phase and the professional development of teachers throughout their working lives have to be regarded as integrated elements of teacher education.
3. The status of teachers is in decline around the world. It is of critical importance that this trend be arrested so that the teaching profession is attractive to the best students.
4. It is also important that all categories of teachers - early childhood, primary, secondary and tertiary - receive high quality initial and continuing education.
5. Teacher education has to include knowledge about new technologies and the use of new technologies.
6. It is especially important that teachers, as part of their teacher education, both initial and in-service, learn how to work together in teams with other teachers and other staff.
7. The knowledge and skills that teachers require can be divided into four areas:

  • Knowledge and the skills needed to teach, Training in educational theory and practice. Training in the tasks which form part of the skills required of a teacher today: working as a member of a teaching team, contact with parents and local institutions, action-research activities, participation in the organization and running of the establishment;
  • In-depth knowledge of the subjects taught. The teacher must have a good knowledge of the subjects, but also the skills needed in seeking out new and additional information.
  • Education in a wide range of approaches, issues, knowledge and skills that are not the subjects to be directly taught but which form a necessary and integral part of all education. The proper use of computer science and modern communication technologies; human rights; equality between the sexes; socio-economic status and poverty; integration of the disabled; multiculturalism; action against drugs; AIDS information; discrimination; environmental problems; international relations; professional ethics.
  • Knowledge of the psychological and physiological development of children, adolescents and adults and knowledge of educational sciences, i.e. pedagogy and education-oriented psychology and sociology.

Central to enabling the institutions to foster the above objectives is an academic planning office. For an academic institution, the academic planning office is the backbone of the present and the future.  All the support systems should be available in that office.

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