Faculty of Science

To provide quality science and technological education; agricultural, home care and home management education to teacher trainees; to instill entrepreneurship skills, environmental awareness and Health and Physical Education for responsible citizens of Lesotho as well as to equip teacher trainees with necessary ICT skills for 21St century world. The faculty is also mandated to provide high quality consultancy in relevant areas.

Dean’s Office
Dean: Mr Keketso Sefika
The faculty of Sciences offers courses in Pure Science; Technology (wood and metals); Agriculture and Home Economics; Health and Physical Education and the pedagogies. It also offers Computer Awareness Skills…

Faculty Departments

Applied Sciences
The Head of the department (HOD) : Mr. Molipa Mosoeunyane
Sections: Health and Physical Education, Agricultural Studies, Computer Studies and Home Economics

Pure Sciences Department
The Head of the department (HOD): Ms. Nkoja Khechane
Sections: Physics, Chemistry , Biology and Mathematics

Technological Studies Department
The Head of the department (HOD): Mr. Pokane Malefane
Sections: Wood and Metal

Sciences Department
The Head of the department (HOD) TT: Ms Nthoesele Hlaela