Mangoaela Library & ICT Center

The Lesotho College of Education library (Mangoaela library) is one of the major departments that directly support students and lecturers, through the provision of information resources for learning, teaching, and research. As an academic institution, the library was established to meet the needs of LCE researchers, students, and teaching staff.

The history of the LCE library is closely associated with that of the College. The Mangoaela Library was established in 1975 and the College opened a new satellite campus at Thaba-Tseka to be a Science and Technology Centre with a library to support teaching, learning, and research purposes.


The College Library exists to support the vision and mission of the college and the goals and objectives of different departments, providing excellent library services to teaching staff, learners, researchers, production departments, and other scholarly activities.
To this end, the Library works closely with the faculty, staff, and student community to achieve the LCE goals and library objectives specified below.


1) To provide coherent and consistent quality services to support learning, teaching, and research;
2) To Improve the importance of library service in support of the college curriculum;
3) To process and preserve all relevant information for easy access;
4) To Increase access to library resources to meet user needs
5) To Collaborate with libraries and other information centres locally and internationally in order to increase the availability of information resources and develop professional skills;
6) To Enable library human resources to use ICT services to deliver services effectively and efficiently;
7) To Expand and enhance LCE library facilities in order to meet the continuous and evolving learning needs of the nation of Basotho;
8) To Guide users on how to access library resources to support learning, teaching and research for eligible users of the library;
9) To Create an enabling environment for information use, academic development, research services, access to different forms of information, and increased productivity
10) To control for an orderly and inviting atmosphere in the library.

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