ICT and Computer Services

How to Log a call

Use phone extension 2350, 2336 or 2225

Call Priority Levels
The Helpdesk will make every effort to resolve issues at the time of the call. IT Staff will log and assign priorities for all requests that were not resolved at the time of the call. The Priority Levels assigned to any call / incident should reflect the impact that the problem has on its related user.

Help desk Services

The ICT Helpdesk user guide is established to meet the needs and requirements of all users (Staff & Students) on any IT related issues or problems. This guide describes the key processes and procedures for the Computer Services Helpdesk and covers all aspects of its operations.

ICT Servicedesk
E-mail: itservicedesk@lce.ac.ls
Password Registration (one-time registration)
Password Reset
Staff e-mail access (off campus)
Download the Specops uReset Password (PDF)
Call Ex: 2350/2336
ICT Services
Web Services and Support
The provision and maintenance of business systems for the College.
The unit, Web Services and Support, maintains the College’s line of business information technology systems for the management of student, staff and financial records and manages the University’s website tools and systems. The unit enables staff to perform their duties by ensuring that staff and students have access to the information they require at all times via their desktop computers, web browsers and mobile devices.
Networks and ICT Security
Manage and co-ordinate all activities of the Network and Information security section to:
Provide effective network availability and connectivity to ensure optimal functionality and productivity of employees. Provide a high level of Information security to ensure system availability and accurate secure electronic information. Ensure the effective management of functional systems to warrant reliable and effective electronic communication and data availability.